Activity Monitoring: A Core Component of Speak2 Family

example of how families can monitor elderly loved ones with alexa device

The third key feature of the Speak2 Family platform is the users’ ability to communicate via voice technology about activities that are central to the health and well-being of elderly family members. We all know that physical activity is essential for healthy aging. However, most of us need a reminder and some encouragement to keep active. It is especially important for seniors isolated at home living in the colder parts of the US and with COVID present in many areas. So, why not let Alexa help families monitor elderly loved ones?!

How Much Activity Do Seniors Need?

According to the CDC website, physical activity can prevent many health problems that seem to occur as we age. Physical activity can also increase strength and flexibility, helping aging seniors maintain independence in daily activities. The CDC recommends 150 minutes of moderate to intense aerobic exercise every week unless chronic health conditions affect this goal. In this case, seniors are encouraged to be as active as possible under their health professionals’ guidance.

How Can Voice Technology Help Monitor Activity?

With Speak2 Family, users and family members can program reminders for certain activities on the Alexa device. For example, they can set a daily reminder: “Good morning, mom. Time to do your stretches before you get out of bed.” They can also announce other activities to the senior as needed with a pleasant message. They can say: “Today is a beautiful day! You should go for a walk, but don’t forget a sweater. There is a chill in the air.”

There are many positives to the activity monitoring feature, but here is the best part. Not only will seniors be more encouraged and motivated to perform tasks, but they can also instantly communicate their accomplishments with their loved ones. They can say: “I just came back from my walk and it was so nice out. The leaves are turning!” The goal of Speak2 is to keep family members aware of the senior’s activities when they can’t be there in-person every day.

pictured elderly woman using Speak2 to monitor activity Another key benefit of families being able to monitor elderly loved ones is being able to keep up to date on visitors’ or health aides’ arrival time and departure. Seniors can easily announce: “My aide just arrived and is making my lunch.” Monitoring brings peace of mind and is easy to do. It is also less intrusive than frequent phone calls to check on or remind seniors about simple activities. 

Activity Monitoring and More Speak2 Features

Seniors are interested in using Alexa devices and are excited about the increased engagement with family and friends. Plus, they will have peace of mind that there is an easy way to communicate and stay connected. With the suite of features available on the Speak2 Family app — Messaging, Requests, and Activity Monitoring — an Alexa device can keep elderly family members closer throughout the day with the “magic” of voice technology.

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