Join our Alexa for Seniors Project!

We want to see how an Amazon Echo (Alexa) can benefit the lives of our aging loved ones. Our goal is to more easily connect  screen-based users to their loved ones. 

We provide you an Amazon Echo (Alexa) and 90 days of our software at no cost. 

Speak2 user guide

We’ll assist you with setup and resources. 


You fill out two brief surveys. 

GET STARTED! Find out now if you qualify!

Designed to help busy families take care of their loved ones.


Stay Connected

Make it easy to send and receive messages by telling Alexa. Receive real-time notifications and have the ability to respond through text or voice. 



Requests are sent directly to your feed. You can manage who views them and allow other family and friends to fulfill them.


Safety & Health

It’s important for you to see how your loved one is doing. Did they take their medication? Did their nurse arrive on time? You can have full visibility.

Keep Your Family Happy & Healthy

Did Mom take her insulin today? Or remember to refill her prescription? Did their Nurse show up on time?
Does Mom struggle with reading her smartphone or pressing screen buttons? Are they usually alone?

Join our Alexa for Seniors Project! 
Your aging loved one can speak to Alexa and Alexa will relay that message or request to you via App or Web.

speak2 family app for seniors living alone on mobile device.

We use screen-based devices every day.

Smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, computers, and more. This is how we manage our daily schedules and communicate with our friends and families. It’s easy, convenient, and reliable (for us). 

Participate in our Alexa for Seniors project. We supply an Amazon Echo (Alexa) and easy-to-use skills and software for three months at no cost. We ask for your feedback in two brief surveys. After that, you can continue using the app for a small monthly fee.

Plus, you can keep the Alexa! Help us improve our loved ones’ lives with technology. 


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This is Matt Smith and his Mom! She’s 87 and not a fan of iPhones or tablets…she’s participating in our study too. 

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