Assisted Living Facility Changes The Game During COVID

How Speak2 Family Can Help Assisted Living Facilities

Speak2 Family helps seniors connect – whether living at home or in a care facility. Senior Speak2 users are able to use voice technology, like Amazon’s Alexa, to play messages from their families, as well as send messages. Speak2 Family can also help care facilities implement assisted living technologies and take care of their senior residents.

Similar to asking Alexa to play messages, users can speak into the device and ask for a caregiver, maintenance, what is on the dinner menu, and even what activities are on the schedule for that day. Having Alexa in the residents’ rooms gives nurses and caretakers the ability to know exactly what the resident needs. Especially in distinguishing between immediate help like a fall, or a non-emergency. Therefore, making the care they provide for seniors better! As a result, Speak2 has opened caregivers and nursing care facilities to increase the implementation of assisted living technologies. 

How Regency Fallbrook Uses Speak2 Family During the Pandemic 

Regency Fallbrook, a retirement and assisted living facility from Fallbrook, California, has been using Speak2 during the pandemic. Residents have been using Speak2 and Alexa devices to talk to their families, ask for help, and interact with the community

"When we approached Speak2, we really wanted to find something that could bond our residents with the community. Especially during COVID. It's really been a great program."

Morgan Cadmus, Executive Director at Regency Fallbrook

Assisted living facilities are recognizing the benefits that technology has on the well-being of their residents, especially given the increase in isolation due to the pandemic. Speak2 Family gives residents in assisted living facilities and retirement homes the chance to connect virtually with their loved ones, as well as reap the benefits of asking for help with voicing their concerns to the Alexa device. 

Learn More About Speak2 Family 

Want to learn more about how seniors can use Amazon’s Alexa? Click here! 

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