Jillian Guerra

Jillian Guerra is a proud co-founder and Chief Difference Maker at Speak2 Family. After graduating from the State University of New York at Albany, Jillian adopted an entrepreneurial spirit to innovate ways to help create meaningful connections in our growing virtual world. With her expertise in marketing, sales, and business strategy, Jillian has succeeded in doing just that with Speak2. When she isn’t working, Jillian can be found enjoying the outdoors on a long run, hike, or playing with her dog Olive.

Amazon's Alexa device that is used with Speak2 App.

Alexa for Seniors: What Can Alexa Do For Seniors?

What is Alexa? Amazon Echo is a voice-activated and controlled smart speaker that uses an assistant, Alexa, to perform requested tasks. These tasks can be anything from basic requests, such as asking the weather, setting alarms, playing music, to advanced tasks such as turning off lights or controlling the thermostat.

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