Matt Smith

Matt Smith is the current CEO and co-founder of Speak2 Family. With a creative outlook and incessant drive, Matt has proven to be an expert in consulting, software development, and leading companies to success. Through all of his ventures, Matt has continued to pursue his passion in discovering how technology can be used to enact positive change - whether it be in business systems, processes, or everyday life. Alongside his work, Matt appreciates listening to good music and spending time with his family.

We Love Lucy

Residents at Mill Creek at an Alexa Workshop It was very early in the morning, before 7:00 AM. Lucy Crossman had gotten up in her apartment at Vitality Traditions at Mill Creek in Tennessee. Lucy often wakes up early, but this morning she felt dizzy and had a pretty scary fall. As she lay on …

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Alexa is More

Read about how Amazon’s Alexa can be beneficial to seniors, families, or caregivers by learning about the many applicable skills she has.

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