Be a Pen Pal for Seniors Through Speak2 Pals!

An Upgrade From Your Traditional Pen Pal Program

We’ve created an engaging initiative to excite seniors and those passionate about helping their community: Speak2 Pals! Speak2 Pals is a virtual volunteer program designed to pair our seniors with a “Pal” to communicate through mobile devices and Amazon’s Alexa. Think of your traditional pen pal for seniors. But, instead of sending letters that could take weeks to arrive, you are using voice commands and instant messaging.

Speak2 Pals is easier and more effective for seniors and volunteers than a traditional pen pal program. For seniors, Alexa and voice command gives them a platform to communicate in alternative ways. For instance, seniors who have physical disabilities might find it challenging to write a letter. Or they may have poor visibility, making it difficult to read someone’s handwriting. Alexa and Speak2 provide an inclusive alternative to these seniors because all they need to do is listen to messages and reply with their voice! 

For younger Pals, writing a letter is most likely not their preferred method of communication. But do you know what is? Texting! Most people are inseparable from their smartphones. That is why we designed the Speak2 Family App. So, Pal’s can instantly send text or voice messages to their seniors whenever it is convenient for them. Communicating as a pen pal for seniors in this way means more messaging and social interaction for seniors. 

How Speak2 Pals Works 

Let’s dive into how the Speak2 Pals volunteer program works. As a Pal, you can send and receive messages with your seniors on anything. Ranging from the latest news to funny jokes, to even reminiscing on an exciting story about your day. For example, one of our Rockstar Pals, Reid Smallwood, sends fun trivia facts to his seniors. Speak2 Pals takes a direct approach to address isolation within the senior community by keeping seniors engaged and connected with others more often.

Speak2 Pals is also for individuals or groups driven to make a positive change within their communities. So, whether it is you, a girl and boy scout troop, church congregation, school club, or work program, anyone can get involved. Especially now, with face-to-face contact being limited. It is more important than ever to reach out to those in need of support and social interaction. 

Creating Connections with Speak2 Family 

In addition to the Speak2 Pals volunteer program, Speak2 works to remove barriers for aging adults who want to use technology. Speak2 understands that seniors wish to have an easy way to communicate with family and friends, monitor their health, and partake in games and entertainment. By partnering with Amazon’s Alexa, the Speak2 voice assistant provides an accessible communication channel between seniors and their trusted circle of friends and family. Whether to connect with friends, family, and Pals, ask for help, or discover new hobbies, Speak2 makes using and enjoying technology easy for seniors just by using their voice. 

Do you want to become a pen pal for seniors with Speak2 Pals? Click here!

Are you interested in learning more about Speak2 Family? Click here!

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