Bringing Home Health Forward with Technology

June 2022 | Home Health Report

Home health professionals are facing the growing care demands of the aging population. New solutions are necessary, and people across the senior care system are asking what, or even if, there are assistive, home health technologies that are practical and affordable for seniors aging in place.

In our report, we investigate: Are assistive technologies a viable solution to overcoming common barriers to providing high-quality care to patients over 65 in the home setting?

Download our report to see the common care challenges of over 350 occupational therapists, physical therapists, and other home health professionals and their views on assistive technology.

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What to Look For In the Report

What are the Common Barriers in Providing High-Quality Care?

Whether it be finances, patient motivation, or access to community resources, we analyze the most frequent barriers currently affecting home health professionals in providing care to seniors. 

Why is there a Disconnect in How Health Professionals, Patients & Families Interact?

See what tools home health professionals currently use to interact with patients and patients’ families. Not only that, but how they rate these communication methods with how confident seniors are in using technology.

How Can Assistive Technology Help Home Health?

86% of respondents believe that technology can help deliver high-quality care. We share how technology can solve care barriers, reservations about utilizing technology in home health, and more.

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Meet the Author - Alexandra Garthe

Alexandra Garthe is a graduate of the Rutgers Business School in New Brunswick, New Jersey with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Business Analytics & Information Technology. At Speak2 Family, her projects have involved researching and communicating ways to increase both the accessibility and usability of technology for underrepresented populations like the senior community. See the recent case study: The Use of Technology in Senior Living.  

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