Estate Liquidation

Professional liquidator services can actually save you money. Not only can they assess the real value of your family’s possessions, but they also often have contacts to attain top dollar for valuable items. Your first consult should be at no charge. Helpful tips include:

  • Do not throw anything away before hiring an estate liquidator. Most liquidators want as much inventory as possible, and will repair broken items for selling.
  • Liquidators do the difficult job of sorting through an elder’s possessions, minimizing stress for family members.
  • Most liquidators work on commission.
  • Beware if a liquidator wants to buy any item at the time of consult. That item may be  high value, and they want it before going to market.
  • It’s unrealistic to know exactly the volume in sales the estate will generate; be wary of someone who tells you a particular number with certainty.


Estate liquidation services handle all aspects of the sale. They help complete the difficult process of emptying your senior’s home. Look for the following:

  • A formal assessment of the project.
  • Ability to sort, clean, organize, research, price, market, and sell all items.
  • Conduct sales at the home; or transfer items to either a showroom or auction site.
  • Remove all items that didn’t sell and donate them to charity.
  • Provide cleaning services to make a house ready for sale.


  • Some certifications may be held by liquidators; especially with gems.
  • Time in the industry is key in order for them to have a vast amount of experience.
  • There is no industry standard for fees, and the commission charged varies from one company to another. Look for a flat 20-30%, or a sliding scale depending on location of sale and the amount and quality of the items to be sold.


  • Have clear in your mind the access to the home to be provided.
  • Provide a list of items with their minimum selling prices.
  • Don’t reveal items that you aren’t willing or ready to sell.
  • Explain any particular challenges or special requests you may have.


  • Are you insured? What is your level of liability coverage?
  • What certifications do you have?
  • How many years have you been in business?
  • May I have at least three references from other estate sales you have done recently?
  • How many staff members will be working at the sale?
  • What are the qualifications of your staff members? Are they background-checked?
  • How will you be advertising our sale? Do you have examples of ads you will place or signs you will hang in the neighborhood?
  • How do you determine items’ pricing? Do you consult with experts when appropriate? Who are these experts and what are their qualifications?

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