Fiona McGillicutty

Your trusted caregiver and content provider. Fiona will continue to provide the amazing care she has always given you, and now, with Alexa, you will get even more simply by speaking with Alexa. You can send her a request, like help with shopping. You can send and receive messages, and record your activities, like when you took a walk. Now, you can have more and better contact and the comfort of knowing Fiona is there for you at all times.

Daily Check In

Fiona will send a daily check-in, and you can respond. Of course, you can send a message any time!

Request for Help

Send Fiona a request so she knows what you need, any time! She can add it to her calendar and make sure you are taken care of.

Record Activities

It's important to track your activities. Let Fiona know what you are up to so she can know what's going on!

Weekly Video

Fiona will send a video every week to show you some new excercise routines and tips.

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How Can Alexa Help?
Fiona will teach you!

“I will teach you how to use Alexa for things like music, news, setting reminders, listening to audiobooks, turning lights on and off, and more!”

About Speak2

Speak2 makes it easy for you to communicate with your family & friends by simply using your voice.

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