Happy Father’s Day Tom Smith Video

Happy Father’s Day! 

Happy Fathers Day from Speak2 Family to you! Get to know Speak2 Family’s CEO Matt Smith’s father Tom, and how he inspired him to start Speak2.


Matt: What makes a man great? I know, because I saw someone who was great every day. 
Greatness is working construction all day, and going to law school at night. It’s being man enough to wear the uniform, not finding a way to avoid it, and never wanting applause. It’s putting everyone before yourself. Showing your four boys what a real leader behaves like. Being strong enough to make everyone more important than himself. Not talking about how to act, but quietly showing how to act. It means giving, giving, and giving more. Giving so much that everyone takes it for granted. Being a great man means respecting the woman that makes it all possible. It means telling his spoiled son to follow his dreams and let him make mistakes, and let him know that he always has a home. 
I know greatness because I saw it every day – when he woke up before everyone else and got on a train, and then came home every night, not wanting more than tomato soup or a simple sandwich. Because greatness doesn’t mean praise or adulation. 

I know what greatness is because it is there for me every day. The humble, brilliant, and loving strong man that is my father. All that you did elevate all of us. 

Happy Father’s Day to Tom Smith. I’ll be happy if I am a fraction of who you are and what you have accomplished. You are my hero. You are great. 

Learn More About Speak2 Family

Speak2 Family started with Matt and his need to connect more with his aging parents. To learn more about Speak2 Family’s story, click here!


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