Give the gift of connection!

Gift a Senior in your life with an Amazon Alexa Show and Speak2’s Senior based software. Speak2 connects people across generations where both young and old, find it easy to adapt as we combine today’s voice technology in a simplistic way for Seniors to use.

How it Works

Amazon Alexa makes it simple as your aging loved one uses their voice to interact while you use the app on your phone or the web.  They have all of the benefits of hands-free technology including alarms, reminders, and calls. 

Benefit from Alexa’s features such as music, news, emergency contacts, weather, reminders, alarms, audiobooks, quiz shows, exercise, and more

Quickly check-in and set up Emergency Contacts for help and have peace of mind

Send photos and videos to your aging loved one with an Echo Show screen 

Add family members and friends to create a Circle of Trust 

Speak2 helps you get set up and offers ongoing support so you can use your Alexa

It's easy for everyone to use!

Each package comes with an Amazon Alexa device, personal call for Installation Assistance, surprise Holiday Gift, Monthly Alexa Tips & Tricks, and 3 months free of Speak2 Family. 

Check out each device below and choose which one fits your needs best.

Already have an Alexa? Even better! Redeem your free 90-days of Speak2 Family here. 

Echo Dot

If you have visual challenges, the dot is screenless. You get all benefits of Alexa and the features of Alexa without a screen. 

Listen to music, news, set reminders, alarms, and more. Send Messages back and forth (you interact on your app, older adult interacts with voice), manage requests for shopping or Church, monitor health activities.

Echo Show 5

Add a screen to view and send photos and videos. Add other smart devices such as Ring doorbell. 

Screen is 5.5. inches. 

All the benefits of the Echo Dot plus a screen to share photos and videos or watch shows! 

Echo Show 8

Increase screen size to 8 inches with Amazon premium device. 

All benefits of the Echo Dot and Show with a larger screen! Easier to see and a bigger touch screen. Watch TV as well!


This is Speak2

See how it works in the video below:

With Speak2, older adults can live independently easier than ever. Our app and Alexa skill connect older adults with their loved ones in their Circle of Trust. Engage and communicate more, coordinate events, and track activities for peace of mind.

Designed for Seniors. Select your package and checkout here!

Speak2 Family - 1 Alexa User
$10 per Alexa User per month of Speak2 Family, 60 days free.
Free Echo Dot + Speak2
Free Echo Dot and 60 days of Speak2 Family at no cost. An amazing deal!
Echo Show 5 + Speak2
$10 + 39.00 for Show 5
Echo Show 5 for $39.99 and 60 days of Speak2 Family at no cost. $150 value for $90.
Echo Show 8 + Speak2
$10 + 69.00 for Show 8
Echo Show 8 for $69.99 and 60 days of Speak2 Family at no cost. $220 value for $120.
Russell Targove + Echo Show 8
$19.99 + 50.00 for Show 8
Weekly entertainment, wellness checks, and more with Russell. See Russell's details here:
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