Stay connected with your loved ones everywhere.

Make frequent communication easier and more convenient with Amazon Alexa. Reduce isolation and stay connected with your aging loved ones while they age in place or live in a community. 

Speak2 Features

How it Works

Seniors can send and receive messages, make requests, and record activities by using their voice to connect to a designated secure circle of family and friends. They speak to Alexa while you interact with any smart device.

Send Messages

Send and receive messages through Alexa. Alexa speaks to your loved ones and you can speak or type through the App. 

Manage Requests

Manage requests such as rides to the store, church on Sunday, a doctor’s appointment, etc. All communicated by voice and linked to designated recipients. 

Track Activity

Monitor activities that are central to their health. Keep family members aware of the senior’s activities when they physically can’t be there. 

Personal Feed

Full visibility to communication, requests, and activities. You are always connected and can get instant insight into your loved ones’ well being.

Safety and Security

Speak2 Family is HIPAA compliant and secures protected health information. Have the peace of mind that help is only a voice command away. 

Keep In Touch

Ensure Healthy Activity

Peace of Mind

Combat Loneliness

Our Partners

Answers for Elders

Introducing Stay in Touch

Speak2 has partnered with United We Age, a nonprofit organization supporting older adults, to facilitate communication to help aging adults prevent isolation and vulnerability.

Stay in Touch program gives seniors instant access to video chats with family/friends, music, family photos, real-time news, online games, and interaction with healthcare providers, and so on.

Proud to Partner With

“He appreciates Speak2 because he is hearing from his family and his grandchildren. It’s keeping him engaged in our lives!” – Carol Petrone

Are you a family member or caregiver looking to use Speak2 Family for a loved one?

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