Home Maintenance and Repairs

Many seniors choose to remain in their homes, but find it difficult because of lacking the:

  • ability to navigate and function in the home
  • transportation for necessary for groceries, medication, etc., and
  • internal/external maintenance required

Licensed and insured contractors provide home repairs from changing a door knob to a complete remodeling; along with multiple projects falling in-between.


Contractors offer many seasonal services for home maintenance and repairs.

SPRING: Peeling paint, Inspect attic for insulation and leaks, clean gutters, general exterior clean up, etc.

SUMMER: Seal cracks in concrete, repair drywall imperfections, inspect chimney cap and masonry, inspect windows, weather stripping, etc.

FALL: Install storm windows, wash windows, check fire extinguishers, change indoor air filters, align and adjust all cabinet doors, check all pipes to prevent freezing, etc.

WINTER: Check appliance plugs, cords and fixtures for wear and tear, repair garden equipment, remove snow, mud and manage storm water, turn on and test gas fireplaces, etc.

Contractors should be required to provide a written contract to protect both parties to outline:

  • the job
  • the cost
  • explain how each job will be managed.


Not all states require licensing and each state varies. Contractors in states that require licenses should have it and be able to provide you with a copy.


What is the annual budget for home maintenance and repairs?

What is expected for an upfront payment?

  • total amount down
  • milestones for second and final payments
  • overages in time and dollars

Are there trouble areas you already know needs maintenance?

  • describe the area and the previously done work to the area
  • define the goal; a permanent fix – or just keep the problem minimal


  • Are you bonded and insured?
  • Are you a licensed contractor? Will you be doing most of the work yourself? If other people will be working on the job, what are their qualifications?
  • What are your dealings with seniors and how is your company compassionate to the maintenance and repair needs of seniors?
  • Describe contract process.
  • Define how you expect to be paid.
  • Always get referrals; and call them!

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