Home Monitoring

Technological developments have given parents and their adult children new options to support living at home longer in a safer environment. Devices and Internet-based solutions are available to keep an unobtrusive, high-tech eye on family members.


  • Electronic Home Monitoring Systems
  • Appliance Alert Systems
  • Stove and oven have automatic shutoffs
  • Reports if normal routine e.g. coffee maker is not followed
  • Personal Emergency Response Systems
  • Portable telephone / cell phone
  • Display phones for reading the callers conversation
  • Touch-screen home monitoring systems
  • Alarm systems bedside, in bathrooms, or throughout entire homes
  • Medical alert
  • Alert of a fall reminder for medications


Look for individual vendors to have won specific safety awards for the design of their product.


  • Describe the situation at home with the loved one and major concerns:
  • Daily routine
  • Diagnosis of illnesses
  • Medications
  • Needs on a daily/weekly basis
  • Describe the home itself and access to appliances; phone; television


Know the length of time company has been in business.

Review outstanding complaints with the BBB.

Understand requirements of the contract for the technology:

  • What is the term
  • How can I get out of the contract upon dysfunctionality or death
  • What happens in case of flood or fire
  • Have penalty fees defined
  • Who owns the equipment?

Request your exact desire of technology for possibility of being referred to something better than what your calling about.

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