Connecting our
Screen Generation

To our aging adults


FEatures with Family in mind


Send and receive voice messages, texts, photos, and videos through Alexa. Alexa speaks to your loved ones, you communicate through the App.

Getting Assistance

Tell Alexa when you need a caregiver or help with a task. Alexa will alert your community staff or circle of trust.


It’s important for you to see how your loved one is doing. Did they take their medication on time? Monitor activities that are central to their health.


Promote healthy routines and habits. Install hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly reminders. Send the reminders as Alexa or record your own voice.

Personalized Content

Curated skills and content. Create quizzes, pinned cards, and record your own voice for your community hear from Alexa.

Community Support

Engagement is key. We have onsite workshops and a support portal with video tutorials, tutorial guides, and more.


What People Say

"We need to think outside of the box and find ways to connect them with others during isolation. Not only did Speak2 allow us to do that, but it taught us ways to engage our residents’ minds and bodies through virtual avenues."
fb emily johnson
Emily Johnson
"We (the grandchildren) are on our phones all day long. Speak2 makes it so incredibly easy just to open the app and send them a message to let them hear your voice and let them know you are thinking of them. Spending 2-3 minutes of our time makes their entire day."
Chris and his family
Chris Smith
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