How Amazon’s Alexa Can Help Seniors Age In Place

Updated on 12/01/21 with new information.


Technology Can Help Seniors Age In Place

According to Gray New World, 79% of seniors expect to ‘age in place.’ What does that mean? For seniors, aging in place means being able to live in their homes safely and independently. However, this expectation becomes challenging to hold when aging seniors become unable to manage their households and easily communicate with their loved ones. This problem needs a modern solution, like aging in place technology! 

Aging in place technology can help families ensure that their aging loved ones can stay in their homes safely and maintain their independence. For example, families can set up smart home devices like Amazon Alexa.  Devices like Alexa provides a way for seniors to virtually communicate with family and friends, utilize smart home safety, partake in fun activities with Alexa Skills, and more. 

Why Alexa? 

Compared to other aging in place technologies like a phone or bracelet, Alexa is most beneficial to seniors. With Alexa, seniors can easily communicate with their families without having to use hard-to-read screens and small buttons. Coupled with skills like Speak2 Family, seniors can record their activities, set important reminders, and constantly contact family and caregivers through voice commands to Alexa. In addition to helping seniors, Alexa can help those that take care of their elderly loved ones. By providing a safer living environment for seniors, Alexa supports family caregivers in the caregiving process. 

Extra Smart Devices and Amazon Products

Seniors and their families can invest in other smart devices and Amazon products to help seniors age in place. Whether it be for home security, managing a household, or for fun, here are some products that may be useful: 

  • Smart Light Bulbs

    Seniors can use Smart Light Bulbs in conjunction with any of the Amazon Alexa Devices. With Smart Light Bulbs, users can easily turn on/off lights with their voice. For instance, if a senior needs to walk to the bathroom or downstairs in the middle of the night, they can say, “Alexa, turn on lights.” Therefore, instead of walking in the dark and turning on/off a switch from across the room – possibly risking a fall – seniors can ask Alexa!

  • Echo Flex Plug

    Amazon Echo Flex is an Echo device that is used on its own or with any Alexa device to add voice control to outlets. Seniors can use Echo Flex to control fans, lamps, appliances, and other plug-in tools. In addition, this device is perfect for small spaces and even comes with the ability to attach an automatic night light, making it perfect for bathrooms, bedrooms, or small hallways. The Echo Flex is a good aging in place technology because seniors can control devices too high or low to reach and appliances with complex switches and small on/off buttons. 

  • Ring Video Doorbell

    The Ring Video Doorbell can be paired with any Alexa Device to notify the user when someone rings the doorbell or detects any motion from the front door. With the Ring Video Doorbell, seniors will be able to talk to those at their front door by simply saying, “Alexa, talk to the front door.” This smart doorbell system is especially beneficial to seniors looking to age in place because Alexa will provide an extra sense of security for seniors and their families. 

  • Kindle Paperwhite

    The Kindle Paperwhite is a lightweight digital reading device users can take anywhere. This is an excellent alternative to paper books for seniors because of its ability to change font size, style, boldness, and screen brightness. For more, seniors can even connect their Kindle to Alexa for audiobooks. 

Age In Place with Alexa and Speak2 Family

In all,  Alexa will make aging in place easier for seniors and their families. 

Interested in using Alexa for your aging loved one? Sign up today!

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