How Carlton Senior Living is Innovating with Speak2

Carlton Senior Living Innovating with Interactive Voice-Interface Speak2 

Carlton Senior Living and Speak2 both have strong missions to find innovative and impactful ways to improve how seniors live and interact with their community. In fact, Carlton and Speak2 were each formed by their respective founders to meet the needs of their aging parents when no suitable solutions were available. This like-minded approach has allowed the Carlton-Amazon-Speak2 partnership to improve the lives of not only seniors but their circle of family, caregivers, and community. 

Carlton Senior Living uses the power of Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant and Speak2’s software to help connect every resident with staff members, community activities, and their families. But, what does this mean? 

With Speak2 and Alexa, residents who often struggle with screen-based technology will be able to call and message their family members through a hands-free voice interface. In all, providing residents an easy-to-use platform to stay in touch with their family more often! In addition, residents will receive real-time announcements and access on-demand information like menus, upcoming activities, and other community-centered news. With Speak2 and Alexa, residents of Carlton Senior Living will be empowered to engage more with their loved ones and their community!

Learn more about the partnership between Speak2 and Carlton Senior Living in the full Press Release below:

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