How Residents at Cedarhurst Senior Living Use Technology

Cedarhurst Senior Living 

Cedarhurst Senior Living has 41 senior living communities located in the midwest and southern regions of the United States. These locations offer a wide range of care: from independent living and assisted living to personal care and memory care. With all the diversity in the care they provide, Cedarhurst focuses on creating active and enriching communities. One of their community’s in Yorkville, Illinois, wanted to strengthen resident engagement and communication by applying technology for senior living. This was important, especially given the restrictions due to COVID-19. So, to accomplish this goal, they reached out to Speak2!

How Cedarhurst Uses Speak2 

Speak2 is a software solution that works through Amazon’s Alexa to change the way aging adults connect with their screen-obsessed friends, families, and caregivers. Cedarhurst uses Speak2 and Alexa for each resident in their assisted living community. With the power of voice technology, residents can ask for information specific to Cedarhurst. Such as what is on the menu for that day or to call the front desk. Residents can also ask Alexa to play music or report the news from the various channels the device provides. 

Along with these features, residents can use Speak2 to send messages to their friends and family. For example, residents can speak into the device to send messages to their family members, and in return, the family can send text or voice messages through the Speak2 Family App. Furthermore, Cedarhurst uses the Speak2 Pals program. In this program, residents can communicate and meet new people who volunteer to send messages to residents. 

Why Speak2 is the Best Technology for Senior Living Communities

Speak2 continues to be an essential technology for Cedarhurst and other senior living communities across the United States. Yorkville shows that Speak2 provides seniors an easy-to-use platform to better connect with their loved ones. This is especially significant for those who may have physical and mental health challenges and find it difficult to use small mobile devices. 

As a result of using Speak2 and voice technology, Cedarhurst is able to provide a better experience to residents, their families, and staff. 

Overall, Speak2 is a necessary technology for senior living communities in order to help aging seniors engage with the world around them. If you are interested in learning more about Speak2 and Alexa for your senior living community, contact us!

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