How Seniors Can Send Messages with Alexa

How to Use Amazon Alexa to Send Messages

Speak2 Family makes it easy for aging seniors to stay in touch with family and friends by sending messages with Amazon Alexa devices like the Echo Dot or Echo Show. Just by speaking the message to the device, the content will be delivered to the recipients within the senior’s communication circle. However, messaging BACK to the senior is an even more exciting feature of the Speak2 Family platform. Family and friends using the Speak2 Family app to stay connected can send a voice message to the senior Speak2 user, or they can TEXT a message just like they would to other contacts. Then, Speak2 Family will READ it to the senior. What a great way to keep the older and younger generations connected in the formats they both prefer!

Easy and Simple Way to Stay Connected

Most elderly folks don’t have the ability to navigate small screens or smartphone keys due to failing eyesight, decreased dexterity, and a general fear of high-tech gadgets. That’s what makes the Speak2 Family concept so appealing. It allows younger family members to stay connected to aging parents and grandparents in the manner they are so accustomed to in everyday life.

For example, just think of some of the uplifting messages that can be sent via text to make their loved one’s day:

Hey Grandma, I just got an A on my History test!

Hi Mom, I just wanted to wish you a Happy 4th of July. Hope you have fun at the senior center picnic.

Pop-Pop, you’d be so proud of me. I hit a home run!

Dad, I just wanted you to know I really miss you. Can’t wait until COVID is over, and I can come visit you all the time.

Now that you know more about how the “messaging” feature of the Speak2 Family platform and how it is beneficial to senior users and their circle of family and friends, check back for future blogs that will provide details on the other key features. Such as, the ability of the senior to send out specific requests, and the ability to report on their activities to keep others informed of their daily routine.

Learn More about Speak2 and Sending Messages with Alexa

Start experiencing the benefits of Speak2 Family! Sign up now for a free Alexa for your elder family member, plus the app, and start sending all the important messages your loved one is longing to hear! Visit

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