Introducing the “Stay In Touch” Program with United We Age

Speak2 and United We Age 

Speak2 is happy to announce a new partnership with United We Age, a nonprofit organization supporting older adults. The partnership grew seamlessly as Speak2 and United We Age’s mission are directly aligned to connect aging adults with their loved ones and technology. 

About Speak2

Speak2 uses Amazon Alexa to facilitate communication between aging adults and their screen-obsessed family, friends, and caregivers. Each person can use the technology they are most comfortable with – text, web, or voice. With a simple interface, it’s easy to connect, engage, and share information as needed. 

Any aging adult can say, “Alexa, Open Speak2” and ask for various items such as sending a message, recording an activity, asking for requests, or keeping up with habits with reminders. Voice is a simple, straightforward medium for aging adults to use. Amazon Alexa provides several incredible skills for all parties. They can listen to their favorite music station, play jeopardy, listen to stories, ask for the weather, create lists, and more. 

Partnering With United We Age

United We Age’s mission is to inspire a movement where all generations of people are more aware and supportive of people aging. Aging in place has become a preference for adults as they age. In fact, over 79% of people expect to age in place or live independently in their current home as they grow older. 

United We Age centers its organization around three goals: 

  • Assure that every person experiencing quality of life decline due to aging has a social support network, especially people living alone.
  • Raise awareness and image building for senior citizens.
  • Assure that age is not a barrier to seniors participating in the online (internet) world.

Introducing “Stay In Touch” 

Speak2 and United We Age are launching a program called “Stay In Touch.” The primary goal of the Stay in Touch program is to open lines of communication through Amazon Echo Shows to the senior population who are disenfranchised from family and friends.

There are millions of seniors living at home or residing in senior living communities who have little social support, and many of them are financially and/or health challenged. Many seniors are increasingly isolated due to the coronavirus pandemic. The “Stay in Touch” program gives seniors instant access to video chats with family/friends, music, family photos, real-time news, online games, interaction with healthcare providers, and more.

Download the full press release to read more: 
Stay in Touch Press Release

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