Meet Allison Serido: Speak2’s Marketing and Design Intern

Meet Alli *Squared

I’m Alli, also known as the “Fake Alli” by my colleagues as the “Real Ally” took my name before I got here… not mad though… Okay, maybe I am… Can we just change the topic? Gosh. Anyways, I’m Alli, and I am a dog-loving, fast-food eating, social media fanatic. In my free time, I love shopping, journaling, and lounging around to binge-watch whatever Netflix suggests for me. No, seriously, I am so indecisive so thank you, Netflix.alli with dog

I am the Marketing and Design Intern for Speak2 as of October of 2021. I am currently a sophomore at Rutgers University, pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Media Studies and double minoring in Health and Society and DCIM (Digital Communication and Information Media).

Soul Ties to Speak2

I joined Speak2 because the company’s purpose really resonated with me. As someone who adores the strong connections with my grandparents I once had, the design for this software pulled a heartstring. In my personal experiences, I have dealt with both sides. I had a grandfather who passed away a few years ago, one who was so tech-savvy it was incredible. No, seriously, that man and his phone were inseparable! I also have a grandmother who resides in a senior living community due to the inability to live on her own safely.

Often, I put myself in clients’ shoes, and I get overwhelmed with the feeling of comfort and ease, knowing that this software permits independence but also connections and safety. I almost get teary-eyed as I understand that this software enables families to do something that my family can’t/couldn’t.

grandma in assisted living

At the peak of the pandemic, I was unable to visit my grandmother. The feeling of not being able to contact her was something I would not wish on anyone. While I had not gotten the chance to visit her often prior, not having the opportunity to do so at all was heart-wrenching. My grandmother is 91, and she is absolutely kicking a—, okay maybe I shouldn’t curse here? Not the time? Sorry, Jillian and Matt. Anyways, my grandmother is in her nineties, and if it weren’t for her caregivers, she would not be rocking her weekly manicures and long luscious hair. But to the point– the caregivers in my grandmother’s community earn my utmost respect, as the caregiver’s job is not easy, especially for dementia residents.

Putting the “Family” in Speak2 Family

That is where Speak2 resonates with me. Speak2 is made for families, caregivers, and seniors all at once. Its purpose is to ease the stress and worry of all parties involved and to provide the engagement and communication that each individual wants and needs. With a staff made up of people who all have a sentimental tie to senior living or caregiving, it makes the product even better.

Made by people who care, who understand, and who love your seniors just as much as we love ours. The name is not just catchy, it’s truthful. Speak2 is a family, and Speak2 Family software is indescribably life-changing.

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