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Meet Matt’s Mom 

Happy Mother’s Day! See how Speak 2 Family started with Matt Smith, his mom, and a need to find a better way to connect. 

Matt and his family noticed that as they were texting, posting on social media, and digitally following up on each other’s lives, his parents were out of the loop. Matt’s mom, like many other aging seniors, found it difficult to use small touch screens. Sadly, this created a disconnect with Matt, her grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and everyone else she loved. For Matt and his family, taking care of mom and dad meant finding a better way to communicate with them. It was clear that there needed to be a solution to help seniors, like Matt’s mom, connect in a virtual world. 

How Matt Found a Way to Take Care of His Mom

Matt created Speak2 Family, which uses voice technology, like Amazon’s Alexa, to help seniors easily communicate with their loved ones. With Speak2 Family, Matt’s mom and dad can listen to messages from all of their family. Likewise, they can send messages and requests by speaking into the device. No hard-to-read screens are required! 

The best part about Speak2 Family is that it is more than just a way to stay-in-touch. With Speak2, Matt’s Mom can make requests. For example, she can say, “Hi, kids. I have a doctor’s appointment next Thursday. Can anyone take me?” Everyone in her Speak2 Circle of Trust will get notified of the request through the Speak2 Family app on their mobile devices. Then, Matt or another family member, could claim the request by saying, “I can take you, mom. See you then!” For Matt and his family, Speak2 has helped them take care of their mom and dad in a way that is best for everyone.  

More About Speak2 Family 

In all, Speak2 Family can help you with taking care of mom, dad, or any elderly loved one. Here is another story from Speak2 Family member Laura, about her and her family’s experience with introducing Speak2 and Alexa to her aging parents.I

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