Occupational Therapists

  • Easily implement and monitor customized routines 
  • Use customized reminders to increase your patient’s safety and promote healthy, safe habits
  • Update family members and caregivers directly from app 
  • Help your patients maintain or improve their independence while promoting aging in place

Seniors & Aging Parents

  • Handsfree voice technology 
  • Increase quality of life while aging in place 
  • Reminders, activities, and information on demand 
  • Have peace of mind

Accessible Technology to Make Everyone's Lives Easier

Speak2 gives you the power to connect with any generation without the headache or need to be tech savvy. Provide updates to family members, reminders to patients, and monitor activities with your phone. Stop worrying whether your patients are following their routine and provide peace of mind to family members. 

There's a better way to communicate.

With COVID restrictions and new regulations, healthcare providers have new challenges – especially with monitoring activity and bridging communication gaps. Technology is an everyday part of our lives. There’s no excuse for why aging adults can’t be part of that. 

Try Speak2 and see if our simple voice technology platform can improve you and your patients’ day-to-day and overall lives. We’ll send you three Alexa dots, 60-days free software, an assistive button, tent cards, and other supportive pieces – complimentary. 

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