Outdoor Safety

Being out of doors can be exhilarating, reduce stress and provide us with much needed exercise and socialization as we age. But there can be hidden dangers outdoors.

Falls are the leading cause of death due to injury in order adults, but many trips or falls are preventable. Knowing how to spot problem areas based on a person’s mobility level is a crucial part of staying safe. Be aware of trip and/or fall hazards that are potentially dangerous.


Aging in Place Contractors, handy men, gardeners and others are available to help keep your outside area safer for you. Consider the following services:


  • ramps for wheelchairs
  • stair rails
  • repair cracks or uneven sidewalks
  • decks and patios need to be flat with rails
  • check for roof gutter leakage onto decks and patios that may cause slippage
  • mark curbs or path boundaries with reflective paint
  • install motion sensor lighting outside
  • widen doors of garage or shed used for storing tools


  • eliminate ivy in walking areas that can grab canes and slow down wheel chairs
  • trim low hanging branches on trees
  • minimize rocks and hills in gardens and yards
  • remove leaves and debris from walkways


CAPS Certified (Certified Aging in Place Specialist) have taken classes in understanding the seniors needs, and how to better work with people desiring to stay in their homes longer.


  • Understand your parents desire for being outside. Air? Gardening? Walking?
  • What is the main exposure to the elements of the area? Is it shade? Afternoon sun? Morning sun?
  • Survey the walkways at night to determine quality of  lighting.
  • Put yourself in the wheelchair, use the walker, and literally “walk in your parents shoes” to prioritize the steps to take when making the outdoors a safe place for them.


  • Do you specialize in yard design for senior homes?
  • Are you CAPS Certified (Certified Aging in Place Specialist)?
  • Do you provide a complimentary initial consultation?
  • Are you licensed, bonded & insured?
  • May I see a portfolio of the yards you have done for seniors who are aging in place?
  • Is a free consultation provided?
  • Provide references.

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