Helping Seniors
Giving feels good and helps!

Speak2 Pals is a program that enables community members – Boy/Girl Scout Troops, Church Congregations, Rotary/Kiwanis Clubs, Business Sponsored Volunteer Groups, Schools and Universities, and anyone else – contribute messages to local Senior communities.  The messages are played in a group setting and are also available to individuals in their private rooms.  

In great numbers, we can make an impact!

Join Us!

Become a Speak2 Pal!

Sign up to help your neighbors. Send messages to Seniors in your area who would love to hear from you! Using the Speak2 Family app, text or speak a message any time, any where. Your messages will be uplifting and provide a real connection with a Senior who appreciates you!

You can provide an email OR a cell number, whichever you use most! You’ll receive an invite to connect so you can start sending messages right away.

Please select the Community you are connecting with. 

How it Works

Ask what their hobbies are, what are their top 5 favorite foods, share stories, or accomplishments. Sharing positive news is the best! 

1. Introduction

Tell them who you are or give a quick update. 

“Hi, this is the Fallbrook Girl’s Scout Troop, Troop Number 524..”

“Hi, this is Mary, I’m sending this message from my home in San Diego where I’ve lived for 10 years.” 

2. Send a Message

Engage about a topic and provide details how it relates to you. 

“Today, we would like to share an exciting project we’re working on..”

“Today, I wanted to tell you about my garden and how I play to grow my own pumpkin patch. 

3. Closing

Sign off and thank them for listening. It’s encouraging if they look forward to your next update or new topic of conversation. 

“Thanks for listening today, please stay tuned for next week when we reach out again..”

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Perfect Speak2 Pals Groups


Religious Congregations




Book Clubs/Art Groups


Volunteer Groups

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