Rehabilitation Facility

Rehabilitation services offer short-term stays in nursing facilities for those requiring around-the-clock rehabilitative care. It is not a permanent living arrangement. The goal of a rehabilitation stay is to return a senior to health after:

  • illness
  • injury
  • surgery
  • accident

Upon release from rehab, your loved one should have regained some level of independence, be able to return to their previous home, perhaps with a few accommodations.

Rehabilitation stays are not a permanent living arrangement.


Rehabilitation facilities may vary in the services they offer – however, the main goal is to return the patient to some level of health. Services such as:

  • nursing care
  • physical therapy
  • occupational therapy


Rehabilitation programs are surveyed often by state boards or other agencies. It’s a good idea to look research the programs being considered before your elder loved one is admitted. These surveys are available online.


  • Medicare usually pays for rehabilitative care for a six-week stay; double check.
  • Rehabilitation facilities are typically recommended by hospitals, however, you can request a facility of choice.
  • Understand the doctors’ prognoses and recommendations for ongoing treatment.
  • Create a list of medical doctors involved, their diagnosis and prescribed medications.
  • Define special dietary requirements or other specific needs.
  • Clearly define your budget in order to make realistic decisions about accommodations.
  • Because laundry is usually done in bulk, make sure to label all clothing clearly. You also may be wise to do your loved one’s laundry yourself


  • What is the staff member to patient ratio?
  • What are the qualifications of your staff members?
  • How closely are junior staff members monitored by RNs and doctors?
  • Are background-checks required?
  • What are the qualifications of your physical and occupational therapists?
  • Request a regular care conference to understand the progress being made.
  • Will you accommodate my elder loved ones’ special requests?
  • Please provide us with your recommendations for treatment.
  • How often are patients re-evaluated for ongoing progress and what methods are used?

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