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Meet Laura

Joining is fun and easy. Simply sign up, and you’re part of the team. Our goal is to support each other, create a nice community of people who are like-minded and willing to help each other, share ideas, and more.
I am first generation American born. My parents raised me with strong family values and traditions.  Interaction with my parents is very important to me but like many other adult children,  my parents do not live close by and life gets extremely busy especially when raising a young family. Having a device that allows me to communicate with them daily, and surprise them with videos and messages, from me or my children, is very important to me. 
With that being said, I relate to Speak2 and it’s message. I also have in-laws who are aging as well. Speak2 has been great for both sets of parents. As the world continues to change before our eyes, helping others is a perfect fit for me because I am not very tech-savvy, but I can learn if someone helps. 
Trust me when I say, I understand all of the feelings you may be experiencing as you begin to process the capabilities of this device. I have had to digest this on both ends, learning for myself, and also teaching my family. I am here to help you now! I’ll be posting blogs about my experiences with my parents, helpful tips I learned using the Alexa and other technology. 

Meet Helen

Blogs & Articles

Below are some articles we’ve written that we hope you find enlightening and helpful.  As always, we are here to discuss and evolve, so please feel free to reach out to us at AskLaura@speak2family.com.  

Carlton Senior Living Headcount Reduction via Contextual Alexa

Read about how Amazon’s Alexa can be beneficial to seniors, families, or caregivers by learning about the many applicable skills she has.

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We Love Lucy

Residents at Mill Creek at an Alexa Workshop It was very early in the morning, before 7:00 AM. Lucy Crossman had gotten up in her …

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Meet Laura Anastasia: Speak2’s Operations Manager & Voice Content

Meet Laura Anastasia, Speak2’s operations manager and voice content. Learn about her and her history with Speak2 in her most recent blog.

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ally garthe with speak2

Meet Ally Garthe: Speak2’s Marketing Analyst Intern

Meet Ally! Speak2’s Marketing Analyst Intern from Rutgers University. Learn more about her and what Speak2 means to her in this blog post.

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Meet Allison Serido: Speak2’s Marketing and Design Intern

Meet Allison Serido from Speak2 Family! Check out what Alli does at Speak2, why she chose to be a part of the Speak2 team, and more!

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girl writing on notepad

4 Things I’ve Learned From Founders

Check out all that Jillian Guerra has learned on her entrepreneurial journey as Speak2’s co-founder in her newest article.

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