How Can Alexa Help?
Russell will teach you!

“I will teach you how to use Alexa for things like music, news, setting reminders, listening to audiobooks, turning lights on and off, and more!”

Russell Targove!

Russell misses you. He found a way to provide you with the entertainment and attention you’ve grown accustomed to. Believe it or not, we can now connect, safely, simply, and directly.. by using Alexa.

Through our new relationship with Speak2 Family, you are Family too! This fantastic device that you place in your home can assist you. You can say, “Alexa, let’s listen to music, or “Where’s Russell” or “Let’s Sing” and your request shall be granted.

Call your grandchildren or tell Alexa about your Holiday shopping. You can send and receive messages, and record your activities, and make reminders, like where you put your keys. Anything.

Especially in these challenging times, now you can find comfort in knowing Russell & Speak2 are here for you, always 24/7. You’re not alone. You have a Family. Speak2 & Russell. Bringing you closer.

Weekly Videos

Russell will send an entertainment video every week! Music performances, magic shows, comedy shows, dance parties, & more!

Wellness Checks

Russell will send a weekly check-in, and you can respond. Of course, you can send a message any time!

Emergency Contacts

Add Emergency numbers! Alexa can alert those in your Circle of Trust.

Send Messages

Send messages hands-free! Receive & share photos or videos with your loved ones all through Alexa.

Set up & Installation

We're here for you every step. Russell can help you set up your device and teach you how to use it!

Choose the right package for you.

Echo Dot

If you have visual challenges, the dot is screenless. You get all benefits of Alexa and the features of Alexa without a screen. 

Listen to music, news, set reminders, alarms, and more. Send Messages back and forth (you interact on your app, older adult interacts with voice), manage requests for shopping or Church, monitor health activities.
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Echo Show 5

Add a screen to view and send photos and videos. Add other smart devices such as Ring doorbell. 

Screen is 5.5. inches. 

All the benefits of the Echo Dot plus a screen to share photos and videos or watch shows! 

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Echo Show 8

Increase screen size to 8 inches with Amazon premium device. 

All benefits of the Echo Dot and Show with a larger screen! Easier to see and a bigger touch screen. Watch TV as well!


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About Speak2

Speak2 makes it easy for you to communicate with your family & friends by simply using your voice.

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