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Based on your answers, an Echo Dot and Speak2 Family will work best for your lifestyle. Get started with the Amazon account you will connect to the Alexa and get a free Alexa Dot from Speak2!

What's in Your Speak2 Package?

  • Messages, Requests, Activities, and Reminders through Speak2.
  • Add unlimited friends and family to your account.
  • One-on-one support call with a Speak2 expert.
  • Curated content with Decision Guides, Webinars, and more.
  • Entertainment, games, activities, drop in, emergency calls + more
      ✓    Free Alexa Dot!
echo dot
"When my Mom would ask Alexa if she had messages, she was elated when she did. She called me after she heard the messages and said, “Laura, the kids called me!!!" Just from the messages, my Mom was instantly happy just hearing her grandkids say hi."
Mary Wevadoa
Mother & Daughter

Download a Decision Guide

Navigating Eldercare can be complicated. With our partner “Answers for Elders”, we offer comprehensive guides on topics ranging from Alzheimer’s to vision trouble, living choices, insurance, and more. 

Download a complimentary guide below! 

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