Your Speak2 package for is here.

Based on your answers, an Echo Dot and Speak2 Family will work best for your lifestyle. We offer discounts on all Echo devices. Your monthly subscription includes everything below.

example of how families can monitor elderly loved ones with alexa device
  • Send Messages, Requests, Activities, and Reminders through Speak2 
  • Add up to 10 friends and family to your Account
  • One-on-one support call with a Speak2 expert 
  • Curated content with Decision Guides, Webinars, and more for you 
  • Entertainment, games, and activities for them

Use Amazon to sign in to your Speak2 Family account.

Get Started with a Decision Guide

Navigating Eldercare can be complicated. We offer comprehensive guides on topics such as health issues ranging from Alzheimer’s to vision trouble, nursing home choices, insurance, and more. 

Download a complimentary guide below! 

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