How Seniors Use Alexa and Speak2 To Make Requests

How Seniors Use Alexa to Create Messages and Requests

Alexa device to show how seniors use alexaIn our previous blog posts, we introduced the three main features and benefits of the Speak2 Family platform to connect family members with seniors that may be isolated at this time due to COVID-19, those that are living alone or living in a senior community such as an assisted living or nursing home. Last week’s blog focused on “Messaging” and how easily family members using the Speak2 Family app can communicate with the elderly by sending texts, which are instantly transformed via voice technology into a spoken announcement. 

Create Your Circle of Trust

Today, let’s take a closer look at the “Requests” capability – a unique feature that allows family members using the Speak2 Family app (let’s call this group the “Circle of Trust “) to learn of their elderly loved one’s needs simultaneously, without anyone picking up the phone, and then having the ability to respond within minutes. And don’t worry, only those people that agree to be in the “Circle of Trust” and generally able to help out will get the message. So, although younger grandchildren and teens might not be appropriate to get all of the senior’s requests, the adult children that live close by to the senior can opt-in to receive requests and respond accordingly.

Using Alexa and Speak2 Family, the senior’s requests can be communicated just by voice to the right people. Then, someone in the circle can claim it and respond. 

How it Works

Senior: “Hi everyone, hope you are having a nice day. I was just checking my calendar, and I have a doctor’s appointment next Thursday at 9 am to follow up on my high blood pressure. Is anyone free to take me there? I’d also like to get to church this Sunday.”

Family member #1: “Hi mom, it’s Matt, I can take you to the doctor’s after I drop the kids off at school. So glad you reminded us since it’s really important. Please be ready by 8:15 am. I will remind you the day before.”

Family member #2: “Hey it’s Jill, I can pick you up for church. We’ll go to the 10:30 am service. Okay?” 

Senior: “That all sounds good. Thanks kids, you’re such a big help.”

Or this might happen:

Senior: “Hey everyone, I just realized I only have 10 incontinence briefs left. I thought I had another bag.”

Family member #3: “So glad you gave us the heads up. I’ll order from Amazon Prime and they will be there tomorrow.”

Using Voice to Communicate 

What a time saver for everyone in this busy world! The “Requests” feature is a true life-line for seniors who may not want to pick up the phone and think they are bothering their children or grandchildren with a simple request. Using the Alexa device and Speak2 Family’s proprietary app, seniors just need to speak their requests, and the wonders of voice technology and Speak2 Family’s “Request” feature does the rest.

Alexa for Seniors

Speak2 Family is offering a free Alexa device plus 3 free months of app use at this time, in exchange for answers to 2 brief surveys, as part of our Alexa for Seniors market research effort. Help us evolve the voice technology landscape for seniors, while reducing isolation and increasing communication with your loved ones. Visit to find out more.

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