Speak2 Family: An Easy Technology For Seniors Video

What Does Technology For Seniors Look Like?

In our virtual world, it is difficult for aging seniors to stay connected. While their children and grandchildren are texting and posting on social media, seniors struggle with reading small screens and buttons. However, just because these obstacles exist does not suggest that seniors should not use technology. Instead, this means that there needs to be an easy-to-use technology for seniors. 

How Seniors Can Use Technology

Introducing: Speak2 Family! Speak2 Family is used with Amazon’s Alexa as a way for seniors to use technology to connect with their loved ones and improve their lifestyle. Amazon’s Alexa is an excellent technology for seniors because it uses voice technology. Therefore, instead of using hard-to-read screens, seniors can ask Speak2 Family through Alexa to send a message, make a request, or ask a question! 

Speak2 Family and Alexa provide seniors a way to communicate with their loved ones in a way that is best for everyone. For example, Senior Speak2 users can speak directly into the Alexa device to send a message. Then, everyone in the seniors Speak2 Family’s Circle of Trust will get notified of a message through the app on their mobile device. Once notified, anyone can send a text message or a voice message back to the seniors. Finally, the senior Speak2 user can ask Alexa to play their messages.

Watch this quick video introducing Speak2 Family as an easy-to-use technology for seniors:

Learn More About Speak2 Family 

Speak2 Family offers a variety of features that make it an easy-to-use technology for seniors. Such as providing seniors a way to send messages, make requests, and monitor activity with the Alexa device. In all, Speak2 Family provides a way for seniors to stay connected with their loved. Learn more about the Speak2 Family App , and how you can be a part of our Alexa For Seniors Project! 

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