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Speak2 Family

What is Speak2 Family? Speak 2 Family is perfect for connecting families with their aging loved ones. Seniors can use Speak2 family by communicating with voice through Amazon’s Alexa. Meanwhile, their family can receive notifications and communicate on their mobile devices through the Speak2 Family App. Furthermore, making the Speak2 Family App the perfect app for seniors living alone and their families! Learn how to use the Speak2 Family App with Amazon’s Alexa through this quick video.


An App For Seniors and Their Families 

Speak2 Family makes it easy for seniors to communicate with their families. Seniors can send messages and requests to anyone in their Speak2 Family Circle of Trust. This can include the senior’s children, grandchildren, caretakers, and other important people that impact their life. This can all be done by speaking directly into the Alexa device!speak2 family app for seniors living alone on mobile device.

Speak2 Family also makes it easy for families to communicate with seniors in a way that is most convenient for them. Whether it be texting or a voice message, family members can communicate easily from the Speak2 Family app on their mobile device. For example, grandchildren can upload a voice message saying what they learned at school today to then share with their grandparents to listen to at anytime! 

An App for Seniors Living Alone 

According to the AARP, 77% of seniors hope to age in place. However, their are many obstacles that stand in the way of making this hope a reality. Such as, maintaining a home, driving a car, and being able to easily call for help in case of emergencies. With all of these challenges, how will seniors be able to live independently? 

New technologies, like Amazon Alexa and Speak2 Family are able to give seniors their independence. For example, seniors can easily speak into the Alexa device to send messages and call for help, and the Speak2 Family App will immediately notify the senior’s family members and/or caretakers. Family members and caretakers can then respond to the messages and requests on their own time. In all, caring for seniors has never been easier with the introduction of new technologies and apps for seniors living alone and their families

Learn More About Speak2 Family 

Learn more about the Speak2 Family App and all of the features it has to offer. 

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