Ask Laura

At Speak2 Family, we understand the difficulties that come with introducing new technologies to your aging loved ones. Therefore, we created ‘Ask Laura!’. ‘Ask Laura!’ is a webinar series starring Speak2 Family’s Operations Manager, Laura Anastasia. Laura loves her family and notices the need to connect more with her aging parents as they age in place. But, like many of us, she has a lot of questions when it comes to integrating smart technologies into her family’s life.

In this series, Laura asks Speak2 Family’s CEO, Matt Smith, different questions that not only help her but will help you and your family learn more about the newest smart technologies. Furthermore, these webinars will help you and your family gain critical insight into the different smart technologies available on the market today and how they might fit into your lifestyle. The ‘Ask Laura!’ webinar topics range from monitoring health with smart devices, smart home safety, and how to participate in fun activities with Amazon’s Alexa, and more! In this section, you will find all of our past webinar topics, blogs, and information that will help answer any questions you may have. In all, check out ‘Ask Laura!” to learn more about technology, Amazon’s Alexa for seniors, and Speak2’s integration with Alexa. 

Do you want to attend our next ‘Ask Laura!’ Webinar? Do you want to ask a question about smart home technologies? For more information about upcoming webinar dates and topics, head on over to our Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn! 

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