Estate Admin Probate Law

Probate and Estate Administration lawyers navigate the legal process with wills and estate matters of a deceased person. They will: become court appointed executors should there be a dispute in inheritance help to resolve discrepancies in an estate after death oversee the inheritance process attend to tax matters work to resolve claims from creditors, beneficiaries …

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Elder Law Attorney

Elder Law Attorneys specialize in handling a wide range of legal issues that affect seniors financial and legal security. Even if you feel confident in your own abilities to plan for the future, there are many laws that may complicate your plans. Elder law varies greatly by state. If your senior parent resides in another …

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Conventional Mortgage

A “conventional” (conforming) mortgage is a loan that conforms to established guidelines for the size of the loan and your financial situation. Monthly payments on a conventional fixed-rate mortgage remain the same for the life of the loan, making it an attractive option for borrowers who plan to stay in their home for several years. …

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