The Use of Technology In Senior Living in 2021

June 2021 | Case Study

Senior living communities were challenged in 2020 to find and adopt new technologies to support their residents and staff, and they had to do it fast!

How exactly did technology help staff care for their residents? And how will this impact the use of technology in the long term, especially as the United States’ aging population and subsequent demand for new care options increase?

Download our case study to learn how industry leaders are introducing new, innovative technology and how this will shape the future of the senior living industry.

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What to look for in the Case Study

How Residents and Staff Use Technology​

Senior living communities had to adapt to the changes brought on by the pandemic. One way they did this was by introducing new technology into their communities. We share how everyone in senior living – from high administration to caregivers to residents – use technology in their respective communities. 

What Technology Senior Living Communities Use​​

Zoom, voice assistants, new software, and more! We share the specific technology senior living communities are using right now and what technology they hope to use in the future. 

Why Technology Is Essential For Senior Living in the Future

Senior living communities are preparing for an increase in the aging population with technology. We detail what technologies senior living communities are looking for to prepare for the demands of Baby Boomers and those requiring unique care. 

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Meet the Author - Alexandra Garthe

Alexandra Garthe is an undergraduate student at the Rutgers Business School in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Going into her senior year, she is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Business Analytics & Information Technology. She is excited to apply and expand her business and marketing knowledge as a Marketing Intern at Speak2 Family. Her projects thus far have involved researching and communicating ways to increase both the accessibility and usability of technology for underrepresented populations like the senior community. When she isn’t working or attending classes, you can find her singing with her a cappella group or relaxing at the beach with a good book!

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