What is Senior Isolation, and How Can Speak2 Help?

Addressing A Public Health Crisis 

The U.S. population is staying healthier and living longer. In fact, by 2030, 1 in 5 Americans are expected to be 65 years old or over. However, with an aging population comes new challenges for the senior living industry. One major challenge that is getting healthcare professionals’ attention is senior isolation.

Senior isolation can come in many forms. But, we see it as aging adults separated from their family, friends, community, or society. Senior isolation has been an issue in the U.S. for quite some time. And, it has only become more prominent given the necessary social distancing and safety protocols practiced in the pandemic. Being isolated is a top concern among older adults and for a good reason. Isolated seniors are more likely to endure poor physical and mental health and adopt unhealthy behaviors like inactivity and smoking.

Thinking Beyond Geography

When we look at senior isolation, it is critical to think beyond geography. Of course, seniors can feel isolated if they are far away from loved ones or neighbors. Regardless if they choose to age in place or live in a senior living community. But, there are physical and cultural barriers that we need to address as well. For example, seniors with physical disabilities such as Parkinson’s may have trouble picking up a small smartphone to talk with their loved ones. Or they may not have the knowledge and understanding of how to use technology like the computer or navigate social media norms. 

We must address all facets of senior isolation now. The impact it has on our aging loved ones if we fail to understand this crisis is clear. That is, without ways to connect seniors with their friends, family, and the rest of society, we are leaving them behind!

Breaking Down Barriers of Senior Isolation with Speak2 Family

Most seniors feel isolated because they have trouble or do not know how to use technology. Hard-to-read computer screens, tiny and touch-sensitive iPhone buttons, and complex social media platforms are hurdles for these aging adults. Without accessible technology, seniors are limited in communicating, learning, and enjoying the world around them. Solving the problem of the widening gap between seniors and their screen-obsessed family, friends, and community is an integral part of Speak2 Family’s mission!

Speak2 changes how aging adults connect with their screen-obsessed family, friends, and caregivers. We provide access and ease of use to everyone by using technology that is most comfortable to the person using it. For seniors, that is with voice commands through Amazon’s Alexa. For their family and friends, that is sending messages through their smartphone. Speak2 allows everyone to send and receive messages, manage reminders and activities, consume information, and gain assistance in the most natural way possible. Whether by voice, app, web, or assistive smart technology, Speak2 brings people together.

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