Senior Living 

Save Time, Earn More.



Increase Revenue

Capture previously lost revenue by empowering your staff with the right tools.

Staff Efficiency

Increase productivity, collaboration and engagement. Lessen data entry.

Lower Costs

Get more with your existing tools and turn the staffing crisis upside down


How are you addressing the Staffing Crisis?

You can't magically find more people, but you can evolve your business.



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See how Speak2 went from helping one Mom to helping thousands.

Streamline Staffing, Elevate Care

We know staffing is your most important function, and also largest expense. Hands-free data entry, scheduled and real-time announcements, video calling, and more lead to powerful efficiencies. 


Capture Your Services

Capture all services and interactions effortlessly! Provide staff different ways to capture services and learn the details of what works, and what doesn't. Stop leaving revenue unidentified and uncollected.


Practical AI 

Make it easy for staff to share information and make that information drive revenue and illustrate valuable patterns. Using AI, you can capture so much more and actually do something with it. 

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