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Take a peek into Speak2. Our product starts with voice and has the app and web experience you expect. 


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Superheroes deserve a super product?

Your staff provides incredible services to amazing people. Isn't it time you give them the modern tools, technology and processes they need? Maintain staff levels by giving your staff the best experience in the industry. Provide residents a way to connect, get content and place orders. All in one package.


With the power of Alexa and Generative AI, capture the information you need to transform your community.

Mobile App

Our iOS and Android apps provide the full feature experience while on the move.


Manage your community with a fully integrated system. Generate predictive reporting and integrate your existing systems.

Areas of focus

Staff Engagement

We’ve all heard of “Resident Engagement” platforms, but the driving force of resident engagement is staff! So where are the “Staff Engagement” platforms?

Voice, apps and web drive staff efficiency. Staff can share content, create orders, and deliver better results in less time. We provide a set of tools that puts your staff at the top of the priority list, driving efficiency and positive staff engagement.

Resident Engagement

Calendars, menus, printing, newsletters, digital signage, attendance... yes, we have it!

We can even automate content creation. So, you can create it once, and it automatically shares with your digital signage and sends your print outs. 

Also, we have a user interface that residents can actually engage with, making adoption rates unlike anything previously experienced.



Orders and Requests

Your residents want to order services and products with ease and visibility to their status, like what's the latest with their ride request to the shopping center on Friday. 

Create services and products for residents to order through voice, app or web. Enable staff and family to place orders and track on everyone's calendars for full visibility and reporting. Unlock your revenue potential. 



Connecting with each other is the key to wellness and a positive experience in your community. The challenges of modern technology are often felt in senior care, from lack of accessibility to complicated user experiences.

With a fully integrated system, everyone can connect using the tools most comfortable for their lifestyle. Voice, app and web are all connected for audio calls, video calls, and text messaging. Your resident can use Alexa while their grandchild uses an app - at the same time. 



Facility Tools

The tools to make your community modern and efficient are available now and integrated like never before. Entry Kiosks, Signage, Mailroom, Asset Management and more.

All the functions within your walls should talk to each other, provide similar experiences and leverage the same data. 

If a visitor or package arrives at your community, share to a resident calendar and simultaneously send an announcement to their phone, email and Alexa. Connect all the dots. 



Lifestyle and Wellness

The amenities you offer can be aligned with resident likes, enabling predictive and proactive planning. The ability to measure and analyze your activities, menus, and attendance while providing the positive messaging and inclusion residents and their families expect is now a reality.

Deliver content, measure engagement and drive positive lifestyles through a connected system that staff can understand and use as a regular part of their day.


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We know you've made previous investments and results aren't always as promised. We encourage you to speak with our existing clients and ask directly how working with Speak2 is different!

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