Speak2 Family started with our Mom, Dad, and Grandma.

Matt wanted his Mom to hear from her four sons and thirteen grandchildren… everyday! She needed a simple and direct way to communicate, ask for assistance, and conveniently interact with her grandchildren.

Screens and phones are difficult for her. Amazon Alexa and Speak2 Family removes this barrier. The entire family can keep an eye out for her and help her with her requests. It keeps her as the family centerpiece, just like she always was.

Meet the Team


Jillian Guerra

Co-Founder, Client Stuff

Marketing guru who loves product development and Reality TV (ugh).

Work Matt
Other Matt

Matt Smith

Co-Founder, Product Stuff

This picture was taken 20 lbs ago. Matt likes karaoke, sports and Taylor Swift.

Dog Walker

Laura Anastasia

Operations Manager

Handles everything and puts up with Matt's long-winded explanations of obvious things. Laura is the voice of our content!

Ice Queen

Tara Gilliard

Impact Manager, MSW

Social work professional who is ready to change lives. Making friends every day while she makes an impact on people's lives. She may also have pictures of rock stars. 



Helen Henglein

Product Advisor, MOT OTRL

Passionate Occupational Therapist focused on quality care and offering real-life expertise. 

Thought Leaders

Beneath a Tree

Beneath A Tree

Development Partner

We couldn't be more proud of our team in India that leads our development, they are truly amazing!


Alexandra Garthe

Marketing Analyst

Laser-focused market researcher learning the ins and outs of industry trends and consumer decisions.


allison serido

Allison Serido

Marketing & Design Intern

Rockstar Gen Z media icon with elite content writing and designing skills. Also a lover of fast food and her dog. 

Speak2 family users

"I'm not ready to move in with my son and grandkids. But I had a few months where I kept falling. I used to panic, yell, and try to crawl to find my cell phone. My son was really concerned and constantly coming over. Since he installed Speak2, if I fall, I tell Alexa and she sends help. He's at peace knowing I'm safe and can get help if I need it. "
Lourdes Santamaria
Grandma & Mom 87
"When my Mom would ask Alexa if she had messages, she was elated when she did. She called me after she heard the messages and said, “Laura, the kids called me!!!" Just from the messages, my Mom was instantly happy just hearing her grandkids say hi."
mary wevadoa
Mother & Daughter
"Dad can't drive. It's been a headache and on me and my brothers responsibility to organize pick ups, drop offs for any appointment or activity. We now delegate and add to our calendars with Speak2"
shelly forte
"I can't tell you how happy I am every time my grandkids send me a message"
Jane Campbell
Grandma & Mom


We have a dedicated support team to help set up your account, Amazon Alexa, and guide you through helpful ways to use Speak2 Family.

Ease of use

Learning how to use an Alexa is simple. Seniors embrace Amazon Alexas. It’s easy for them to interact with their voice – hear music, news, sports, and more. 

visibility & transparency

Communicate when most convenient for you. It’s possible to provide Mom and Dad the personal attention and care they deserve even when we’re not physically there. 


TACTile & Visual problems

Seniors struggle with screens and smartphones. Tapping and swiping is difficult due to lower tactile and visual sensors. It’s easy for them to feel frustrated and vulnerable which leads to disengagement.   

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