The Power of Voice Command For Senior Living

Voice Command

echo show 10 device with Alexa voice command
Echo Show 10 with Alexa

Voice command has become a regular part of consumers’ lives. Whether it be Siri, Alexa or Google, users are comfortable with the value offered by voice technology. As consumer technology evolves, voice capabilities for business use are evolving as well. By combining voice command with business software, things are happening that will give businesses 24/7 access to their data – all through a “No UI” voice interface. In short, voice command is the new user interface.

Voice Command For Senior Living 

While clinical pursuits of voice command are plentiful and ambitious, Speak2 has purposefully focused on more attainable goals in the short term. Our feeling is that while voice technology may one day diagnose a heart condition or future ailment – a very admirable pursuit – we can help people now by providing voice command in simple yet powerful ways. 

Helping Residents

For example, voice command enables an assisted living resident to request services without needing to move around their room or pull an “emergency” cord. As many know, falls are the biggest concern of an assisted living facility. It is ironic that the way most assisted living residents get help is by pulling a cord that they must physically reach for or possibly walk to. Emergency pendants are rarely worn in assisted living. This is because they represent a stigma and make residents feel uncomfortable. But a voice is almost always available.  

While it may seem trivial to order food or ask for help transporting within a facility through voice command, it is actually an incredibly powerful tool. For example, it can prevent falls, help lonely residents to communicate with their loved one’s more easily, and enable them to be entertained and informed in ways they currently do not have available to them.

Normalizing the Use of Technology

And this is just the beginning!  As initially stated, there is much to evolve in the clinical space. By creating a culture and system that is comfortable with voice technology, we will make the adoption of clinical solutions more palatable later when they become available. A major hurdle related to clinical usage is HIPAA. Integration to actual clinical health care is limited because the voice command ecosystem that is commonly available is not widely HIPAA compliant. But that will change. And when it does, the expansion of voice technology into clinical patient care will have a big head start if we get people using voice assistants now in non-clinical ways.

Voice Command Through Speak2 

Speak2 provides a healthcare-focused solution that leverages voice technology, smart technology, and artificial intelligence. We deliver it as a full-service solution to customers in the healthcare space, specifically assisted living, nursing care, and those aging in place at home. In all, Speak2 wants to use voice technology to make the life of a patient better!

Do you want to learn more about voice command through Speak2 and how it can help you? Contact us here!

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